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Training Workshop

Training Workshop : Thursday 7th March 2019 - Friday 8th March 2019
North Notthinghamshire, UK and Online

So... you've got the Wrapper Templates and the ActiveX controls - but are you truly using them to their FULL potential?

This workshop is designed to be useful to developers of all experience. We'll cover all the tasks required to build an application, from adding the controls, through to distributing your application.

To ensure the workshops run smoothly, numerous "snapshots" of the development applications (in stepped development states) will be provided. Don't panic if you think you can't keep up, you won't miss a thing and you will have copies of all the steps to refer back to for future reference.

At the close of each day, you will also have the opportunity to review the day's activities, ask questions and give feedback. If you have a specific idea, problem or just want to check you're doing things right - this is the time to ask!

Each day will start at 9am for an informal meet and greet, the workshop will then run from 9:30am until approx 4:15pm. There will be a 1 hour lunch break and a couple of small refreshment breaks during the day - just to let your mind catch up a little!  

  • The training will be streamed live and recorded.
  • All Training attendees (online or onsite) will have access to the recordings after the event.
  • For onsite attendees, refreshments will be provided for the Meet and Greet, Morning and Afternoon breaks along with Lunch.

Workshop Contents:

Day 1 : Building a powerful and user friendly Application UI with Codejock Controls

We will cover how to make each of the Codejock UI type controls not just aware of each other, but to actually interact and work together to create a modern, usable and feature rich User Interface. At the end of day one, you'll walk away with an example application that can be used as a live template application going forward.

Day 2 : APIs and Communications with Chilkat Communications

In this ever changing, shrinking world, its important that our applications are able to communicate with external data sources. We will cover both the basics and the advanced topics of talking to external APIs - using the data formats that those interfaces require. Working examples will be created that include your application talking to various online facilities such as Google, Dropbox, eBay, Paypal, SMS, EasyPost, QuickBooks Online and Xero to name but a few.

So... if the above is of interest to you, why not sign up now and realise the most out of your investment.

£250 - 2 day ticket to event onsite in Nottinghamshire, UK

£175 - 2 day ticket to event via Online Access